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Wage Garnishment

Problem/Overview: The IRS has issued a Wage garnishment against your wages.

  • A notice has been received by your employer to withhold your wages and send them to the IRS.
  • Wage garnishment is a continuous levy. Your wages will continuously be held by your employer until a release has been received by the IRS.  
  • As long as the IRS determines that your income is continuous, the IRS will issue the Wage Garnishment.
  • A Wage Garnishment will take a substantial portion of your paycheck to be sent to the IRS.
  • Your employer will receive from the IRS a table, and instructions on how much to send. The table received is based on one’s marital status, exemptions claimed, and pay period cycle. For example: an individual who files as Single, has a weekly pay period, and has one exemption will only receive $179.81 per pay check, per table (Form 668-W (ACS), 668- W(C)(DO) and 668W(ICS)).
  • Without a complete paycheck, you will fall behind on bills and possibly face shut off notices. A Wage Garnishment will financially impair you.


  • Our tax team will contact the IRS Immediately for a complete summary of your account.
  • We will work aggressively for a complete release on your garnishment or modify the garnishment to lower amount.
  • We will fight for you to have a release of the garnishment before your next pay check.
  • If additional information is required to release the levy, our tax team will instruct you, step by step on the necessary documentation or tax returns that need to be provided for a complete release.
  • Our tax team will prevent future collections on your account, until there is a resolution on the account. We will do what is in your best interest.
  • Our tax team has years of experience and the knowledge needed to get the garnishment released.

As soon as you are aware of the levy it is URGENT that you call us.  Please have all of your employer information including your last pay check date. It is important that you are aware that your employer cannot threaten to fire you, or fire you because of the current levy issued by the IRS per IRM (01-01-2006). If the employer threatens to fire you, the employer can be fined up to $1,000 or jailed up to one year per IRM (01-01-2006)).

Fast and Easy 4 Step Tax Relief

Step 1

Tax Investigation determin your tax liability

Step 2

Retrieve all documentation from the IRS

Step 3

Calaculate tax liability and current ability to pay

Final Step - Execute offer in compromise get your Life Back

IRS Tax Resolution - Get your Life Back

The fast path to tax resolution can be yours and you can get back to your life. We have a 4 step process that's easy for you. Don't worry about the State or IRS we take care of everything for you. We collect your data, contact the tax agency for you. We handle all negotiations to the tax debt entity so you don't have too. Within 24 hours we stop the wage garnishment or levies so you can focus back on your life.

Get your life back today, move on, go out have some fun let us handle all your worries with your tax debt. Our trained professionals will get that tax settlement for you and you'll be happier for it. At LifeBack Tax Relief our job is your complete satisfaction.

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Why put off what you can do today. Some customers have been putting their tax debt off for years. There is no reason, you have rights. We understand that a bank levy, or wage garnishment can have a severe impact on your life. It can be quite devastating trying to pay all your bills and feed your family while you are being levied or garnished. LifeBack Tax Relief stops all that within 24 hours. Get the IRS off your back today, you have rights and we will represent them and make this as fast and painless as possible for you.

What are you waiting for this is your one opportunity to act now and take your life back. Let the experts at LifeBack work for you and settle this for you once and for all.

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